Previous Conferences

Our Previous Conferences:

1984  “Something Special”
         - Carolyn Cummings, Jean McFadden, Ann Kuhn, Nora Wadlin, David Wright, Governmental Panel

1985  “Something Special”
            -Dr. Lendon H. Smith

1986  “Protecting and Enhancing Our Greatest Resource- Our Children”
            -Dr Michael K Meyerhoff, Rev Eileen Linder, Rep David Hollister, Dr. Carolyn Logan

1987  “The Professional in Early Childhood Education: Today & Tomorrow”
            -David Elkind, Ph.D

1988  “Preparing today’s Children for America’s Tomorrow”
            -David P. Weikart, Ph.D.

1989  “Children and Families Investing in the Future”
            -David R. Groves, Ph.D, Dan Hodgins, Carolyn Logan

1990 “Children and Families: Nurturing Environments”
            -Dr. Stephen Bavolek, Julie Austin

1991  “Transitions from Cradle to Classroom”
            -Jim Greenman and Bob Keeshan

1992  “Emerging Issues fro the 21st Century”
            -Michael Trout, Anita Olds, Corinne Rockow

1993  “Ready to Learn at Every Age”
            -Marge Kostelnik, Bev Bos

1994  “Nature vs. Nuture”
            -Mara Krechevsky, James Garbarino, Ph.D.

1995  “Lighten Up! Humor and Hands On”
            -Sandy Queen, Robert Rockwell, Janice Fialka, Lois Beardslee

1996  “Making Changes with Children and Families”
            -Richard Learner, Samuel Meisels

1997  “Making Memories”
            -Bev Bos, Chuck Jackson

1998  “Partners for Children”
            -Mark Therrien, Dan Hodgins

1999  “Through the Eyes of the Child”
            -Roger Mellot, Margie Carter, Deb Curtis

2000  “Struggles and Cuddles: Finalizing Positive Solutions”
            -Becky Bailey, Phillip Hamburg

2001  “Caring for the Family”
            -David Austin Sky, Carol Trivette

2002  “Caring Places, Smiling Faces”
            -Naomi Griffith, BDD Training Associates

2003  “Hand and Hand: Coming Together, Caring for Children”
            -Peter Aslop, Barbara Bowman

2004  “Early Childhood Settings: Play Here, Learn Here, Grow Here”
            -Barbara Bowman, Alan Beauchamp, Rita Soltan

2005  “It’s a Jungle Out There”
            -Hedda Sharapan

2006  “You Can Swim This Ocean”
            -Ross W Greene

2007  “Caution! Under Construction Today’s Child, Tomorrow’s Adult”
            -Joshua Sparrow

2009  “Looking Back—Moving Forward”
            -Pam Schiller, Daniel Gartrell

2010  “All Aboard! On Track for Early Childhood”
            -Karen Nemeth, Don Monopoli

 2011  “Oh! The Places We'll Go!”
            -Dr George Forman, Mary Jo Huff

2012  “Naturally Nurturing”
            -Rusty Keeler and Jeff A Johnson

2013  “Being 'Sense"ational”
            -James Coffey, M.Ed., Georgean Johnson-Coffey, M.Ed., and Lisa Murphy

2014 "PLAY: Purposeful Learning Active Young People"
          - Jim Gills, Dan Hodgins

2015 "The Busy-ness of Learning"
          - Dr. Jean Feldman, Bev Schumacher

2016 " E.C. in The U.P.-Early Childhood Develops Unlimited Potential!"

             -Jim Harris

2017  "Stress Less, Laugh More"

            - Jason Kotecki

2018 "Bounce U.P!"

            -Dr. Nefertiti B. Poyner, Dr. Peter Stacy