The following applications for Continuing Education Units have been submitted:

SB-CEUs offered by the State of Michigan through MARESA. This application has been approved and .5 SB-CEUS may be earned each day. (A total of 1.0 SB-CEUs are available if you attend the full conference.)

To register for SB-CEUs, you must bring a check or money order made out to the UPECC in the amount of $10 to the conference. A registration table will be in the Great Lakes Rooms (where the welcome and keynote speaker will present). YOU MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO THE START OF THE WELCOME EACH MORNING.

To expedite your registration process, please download this form and bring it with you when you register.

As of January 1, 2010, the SB-CEU process is now handled completely online through the MDE Secure Central Registry (SCR)**. State guidelines for receiving SB-CEU’s require that you:
* Must be on time
* Stay until the end of the program
* Complete and submit the SB-CEU Statement of Acknowledgement form
* Provide a valid email that matches the email within the SCR
* Complete the required state evaluation
Within two weeks of completion of this program, MARESA will submit your information according to the SB-CEU Statement of Acknowledgement you completed. Once MARESA submits the SB-CEU roster, you will receive an email with instructions on completing the evaluation. The email will generate only if the address you used when registering for the SCR matches the email address on your Statement of Acknowledgement. You will have 30 days from the MARESA submission to complete the program evaluation, even if you do not receive the email. *** If the evaluation is not completed within 30 days, you will forfeit the SB-CEU credits and no refunds will be given.
If you have not received the reminder email within two weeks of the completion of this program or have any other questions, be sure to contact the MARESA SB-CEU Coordinator, Nancy Bradbury, at either nbradbury@maresa.org or 906 226-5115.
** Link to the Secure Central Registry https://www.solutionwhere.com/mi_sbceu/aspx/staff_login.aspx
*** It is your responsibility to make sure that the email addresses match and that the evaluation has been completed. We will not be able to assist you in receiving the SB-CEU’s after the 30 day window.
Updated 10/6/2011

After successful completion of all session requirements, you will receive an e-mail from the Secure Central Registry with detailed instructions to access the website. **Important: Failure to provide a valid e-mail address on the Statement of Acknowledgement form will delay the process and could potentially result in a loss of credit. You will need to create an account if you have not done so already and also complete the online evaluation within 30 days of the receipt of the e-mail. If you fail to log in and complete the online evaluation a second notification will be e-mailed 15 days after the initial e-mail. If you do not create an account, log in, and complete the online evaluation process within the 30 days, you will forfeit your SB-CEU credits and no refunds will be given. You will no longer be receiving a certificate. However, after completion of the online evaluation, you can print the verification of SB-CEUs awarded. For general SB-CEU program information, contact Claudia Nicol, SB-CEU Program Administrator, at (517) 241-4928, or if you have questions or need assistance call Nancy Bradbury, MARESA SB-CEU Coordinator at either nbradbury@maresa.org or 906-226-5115.